Work On the Go With The Nokia E7 And Superior Multimedia On The Nokia N8

By | May 22, 2023

Nokia has created unique handsets that can clearly be seen in the Nokia N900 and the Nokia X6 16GB. The N900 boasted raw computing power and the X6 was designed more for entertainment. Now, Nokia has created a phone built for work on the go and a phone for superior multimedia. These are the Nokia E7 and the Nokia N8.

Advancements in mobile technology have created powerful cameras built-in to mobile devices. We have seen cameras as much as 8 MP mounted on mobile phones. With the Nokia N8, it takes this feature leaps further. The phone comes with a 12 MP digital camera that is capable of capturing high-resolution photos and recording high-definition videos. When lighting conditions are inadequate, Xenon flash allows you to capture and record in low-light conditions. The phone also allows you to edit and share your masterpieces.

With the Nokia N8, you are no longer limited to enjoying high-definition videos on the phone’s display. The phone comes with HDMI connection that allows you to watch HD videos and view photos on compatible HD large-screen televisions. Furthermore, the handset features Dolby Digital Plus technology. With compatible home theatre systems, HD videos are sure to sound just as good as they look.

When it comes to work on the go, you get a mobile office with the Nokia E7. You get work emails as soon as they are sent with Mail for Exchange. With a physical full QWERTY slide out keyboard, you are given the opportunity to work on Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents wherever you may be. You can also use the phone as a modem on compatible computers and laptops.

Phone security is another key feature of the Nokia E7. Data will always be secure. The phone comes with remote device management features such as device wipe and device lock. If ever the phone is misplaced or stolen, it can be found on a map with a theft control feature. With these features, you are sure to keep sensitive work files safe at all times.

Performance is one of the key selling points of the E7. It allows its users to keep several work applications running simultaneously without compromising performance. It also allows switching from application to application with ease. In addition, the phone’s software is kept up-to-date through over-the-air updates.